Alkali Fire 3 Inline Hockey Skates


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  • Brand new for the 2023, Alkali has released their high-quality price point Fire line.
  • The Fire 3 has an improved quarter package from its predecessors that provides players with great stability and support, thanks to its enhanced fit properties. Furthermore, they are heat-moldable up to six minutes, allowing for an anatomical, closer to the foot, fit.
  • The nylex liner on the interior works to wick moisture away, keeping players dry and comfortable. Additionally, the felt tongue provides an added layer of comfort and protection.
  • The two-piece aluminum Hi-Lo chassis is both durable and lightweight. Paired with the chassis are Loki 82A outdoor wheels and ABEC 7 speed bearings.
  • Unique to the traditional Alkali lines is that the Fire line comes in an “E” width which is slightly wider than the traditional “D” or “R” regular width.
  • Sizes 3-5 have a 68/68/72/72mm wheel Hi-Lo setup.
  • Sizes 1-2 have a 59/59/68/68mm wheel Hi-Lo setup.
  • The Fire 3 Skates are a great option for players who are looking to try out the game of roller hockey without breaking the bank!

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 40 × 18 cm


Skate Size

Jr 1, Jr 2, Jr 3, Jr 4, Jr 5, Sr 6, Sr 6.5, Sr 7, Sr 7.5, Sr 8, Sr 8.5, Sr 9, Sr 9.5, Sr 10, Sr 10.5, Sr 11, Sr 11.5, Sr 12, Sr 13

Skate Width

E (Wide)