Alkali Fire 2 Inline Hockey Skates


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  • Brand new for the 2023, Alkali has released their high-quality price point Fire line.
  • The Fire 2 Skates take explosiveness and durability to a whole new level for players looking for ultimate performance. The composite one-piece boot is far superior to two-piece boots by being lighter, more efficient at transferring energy, and providing an incredible out-of-the-box fit.
  • Using a stiff pro carbon composite, the Fire 2 allows for more energy transfer and responsiveness with each stride. This allows for quicker starts and tight turns.
  • The medium volume fit profile allows for a standard forefoot width and overall, most common internal volume.
  • Single pour Xena indoor 76A wheels. High durometer urethane core creates incredible rebound for maximum speed and low durometer urethane outer layer for the ultimate grip.
  • ABEC 9 pre-lubed standard 608 speed bearings.
  • Sizes 3-5 have a 68/68/72/72mm wheel Hi-Lo setup.
  • Hi-Lo aluminum 6500 CNC frame chassis for overall control with copper rivets.
  • Heat moldable, helps reduce break-in time and provides a very custom fit around your foot.
  • Unique to the traditional Alkali lines is that the Fire line comes in an “E” width which is slightly wider than the traditional “D” or “R” regular width.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 40 × 18 cm


Skate Size

Jr 3, Jr 4, Jr 5, Sr 6, Sr 6.5, Sr 7, Sr 7.5, Sr 8, Sr 8.5, Sr 9, Sr 9.5, Sr 10, Sr 10.5, Sr 11, Sr 11.5, Sr 12, Sr 13

Skate Width

E (Wide)