Tour Code Junior Inline Hockey Skates


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The Tour Code Skate is packed to the brim with elite-level materials that usually don’t make it at this price. This means the Code is a must-look for any competitive hockey players looking for the most bang for their buck. Tour completely redesigned the Vorrac boot in terms of construction and materials. This version is more responsive and much more anatomically-correct than in years past.

The fit upgrades continue internally with the AccuAire Liner that has also been reworked for better heel lock and moisture management. On the collar, the Code roller hockey skate boasts additional padding that prevents the stiff boot from rubbing into the ankle, maximizing performance without sacrificing comfort. Unique to this Tour Code Line is the hyper-flexible Knetik tendon guard. This helps optimize the final part of the skating stride but allowing for a complete range of motion, unlike traditionally stiff tendon guards.

Protecting the top of the foot is the pro-level A.R.C. tongue. Tour used extra thick felt, robust internal foams and a durable lace-bite guard that do an excellent job of dissipating impact energy while keeping feet comfortably locked in. Unlike most tongues on the market, this A.R.C. extends into the toe box and lines the top of the cap, which adds a subtle but ever so appreciated extra touch.

Down below, the Code uses the lightweight Humer Eviction Frame with Tour’s DPS Technology. Since the wheels recess into the outsole, a player benefits from better stability and power since they have a lower center of gravity. Speaking of wheels, Kemistry Cyclonium indoor wheels complete the high-performance puzzle with top-notch grip, speed and durability.

  • Model Number: 90TA
  • Heritage: Code 2
  • Level of Play Guideline: Performance
  • Skate Fit Guidelines: High Volume / deep heel pocket – wide forefoot – high instep


  • Quarter Package:
    • Lightweight Vorrac boot construction
      • Heat moldable
    • In-Step Honeycomb Cooling System
      • Breathable vents promote airflow for more comfort and drier feet
    • Knetik Flexible Tendon Guard
      • Unlike traditionally stiff tendon guards that inhibit full stride extension, this Tour Kinetic tendon allows for maximum range of motion to better squeeze every ounce of power out of each stride
    • Comfort Padding at the top of the quarter package to reduce high ankle abrasion for premium comfort
  • Ankle Foams:
    • Thick foam provides excellent heel lock and overall comfort
  • Liner:
    • Comfort AccuAire liner
      • Comfortable moisture-management system that provides good heel lock and comfort throughout the entirety of the game
      • Integrated anti-wear pads on the top eyelet to reduce wear-and-tear
      • Pillow Padding collar prevents painful rubbing above the ankle
  • Tongue Construction:
    • A.R.C. two-piece, white felt tongue that extends into the end of the toe box
      • Felt that sits on top of the toes removes negative space for enhanced energy transfer and comfort
      • Traditional foam and felt thickness with an injected lace-bite guard provides pro-level protection and comfort
  • Skate Laces:
    • Unwaxed white Tour skate laces
  • Outsole:
    • Injected Plastic Outsole with DPS Technology
      • DPS Technology allows the first two wheels to recess into the outsole
        • DPS enables Tour to use larger wheels on the front, optimizing speed and power while keeping the player’s center of gravity as low as possible for ultimate stability
  • Frame:
    • Tour Humer Eviction 2 Aluminum Frame
      • Low-profile and strong design helps to reduce weight
      • Uses an all one size wheel for maximum speed and grip
        • Sizes 1.0 – 4.0 / (4) 72 mm wheels per frame
        • Sizes 5.0 – 6.0 / (4) 76 mm wheels per frame
        • Sizes 7.0 – 13.0 / (4) 80 mm wheels per frame
    •  Tour Round Flush Two-Piece 6mm Axles
  • Wheels:
    • Kemistry Cyclonium 76A (soft) Indoor Wheel
      • Ideal for Sport Court, Wood & Smooth Concrete
  • Bearings:
    • Bevo Gold-9 Race Rated
  • Skate Width: D
  • Weight of a Size 9D Skate: 1,443 grams

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 20 cm
Skate Size

Jr 3, Jr 4