Sonic Universal Extender 6mm Round Axle (Single)


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The Sonic Extender 6mm Round Axle will get you out of a pinch when you can’t find or replace your specific missing axles. Its unique design adjusts to different lengths, allowing it to fit and secure on a wide range of skates that use a 6mm axle, such as hockey, fitness, and aggressive skates.

With axle portions at each end and a more centered connection point, the Sonic Extender Axle can fit a variety of skate frames. Thread partially for wider frames or thread more for narrower frames. The axle heads may or may not sit within a recessed axle opening, and if not, the axle head will sit securely on the side of the frame. The axle portions will secure the axle eliminating any slip or clicking. For the most precise alignment use these axles with the Sonic’s 6mm Spacer.

This is also a great choice for individuals who are wanting to remove their brakes from Roces, K2, Bladerunner, and other brands! This axle does NOT work for one-piece axle frames or Roces S204 model skates.


Model Number 10580
Includes (1) x 2-piece extendable 6mm axle (round axle head and bolt)

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm


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