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Renfrew’s Skull & Crossbones Hockey Stick Tape is quality cloth tape that improves puck handling and increases the durability of your stick blade. Renfrew superior PRO-GRADE™ technology.

This thick woven cotton cloth tape has a consistent adhesive coating that creates a moisture barrier between the ice and stick, which results in better adhesion and longer lasting product.

  • Model Number: 152083
  • Measurement:  1 roll = 1″ W x 27 yards (24mm x 25m)

Product Note: inner core color is changing from black to green but actual tape is exactly the same.


  • Cloth stick and blade tape
  • Renfrew’s PRO GRADE™ tape – a polyester and cotton blend
  • Thicker cloth tape
  • Increase vibration absorption
  • Enhances puck handling
  • Protects your stick blade

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm


  • 1″ x 20yd (24mm x 18.2m)
  • Highest thread count
  • Most water resistant
  • Stickiest adhesive
  • Made in USA


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