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Renfew’s Hockey Fights Cancer Stick Tape is a way for hockey players around the world to unite and come together to support cancer research and the patients who are vigorously battling the disease.

Each roll is constructed with high-quality cloth tape to improve puck handling and increase the durability of your stick blade. An advanced adhesive has also been applied to the cloth base which decreases the wear and tear from hard-fought stick battles and blistering slap shots. Renfrew then added a custom purple so you can join thousands of others in raising awareness and showing your support in the fight against cancer during the month of November.

  • Model Numbers:  176977
  • Measurement:  1 roll = 1″ W x 27 yards (24mm x 25m)


  • Cloth stick and blade tape
  • Renfrew’s PRO GRADE tape
  • Thicker cloth tape
  • Better vibration absorption
  • Enhances puck handling
  • Protects your stick blade
  • Moisture-resistant

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm


  • 1″ x 20yd (24mm x 18.2m)
  • Highest thread count
  • Most water resistant
  • Stickiest adhesive
  • Made in USA


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