Howies Cut Resistant Wrist Guards


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Introducing Howies Wrist Guards Рthe ultimate defense for your wrists on the ice. Help prevent wrist injuries by sticking with the best. With an A6 Cut Resistant rating, this is the wrist guard you need! With breathability, compression, heavy-duty shielding, and moisture-wicking properties, Howies Wrist Guards ensure you can focus on your game with confidence, knowing your wrists are safeguarded and ready for intense gameplay. Elevate your hockey experience and embrace maximum protection with Howies Wrist Guards today!

  • Cut Resistant – fiber to help prevent skate lacerations. ANSI A6 Cut Level Rating
  • Has received clearance from the NHL for use in NHL games.
  • Moisture-Wicking – Engineered with high performance fibers to wick moisture
  • Durable – Double padded to ensure comfort and longevity
  • ANSI A6 Rated Cut Resistance

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Dimensions 15 × 5 × 3 cm



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