CCM Super Tacks AS1 Youth Hockey Shoulder Pads


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These shoulder pads are a special order item, we are able to get most stock within 1-2 weeks and the order will be placed as soon as you place your order.

The CCM Super Tacks AS1 Youth Shoulder Pads provide incredible protection for the young, quickly advancing hockey player. The AS1’s benefit the aggressive young player who is not afraid to battle in the corners or crash the net for those juicy rebounds.

CCM’s premier D30 Foam bolsters the sternum guard, providing elite protection of all levels of impact energy to one of the most sensitive areas on the body. The spine guard is made up of thick foam and a plastic insert reinforcement that covers a wide portion of the spine to keep youngsters protected when falling backward.

The shoulder caps and bicep guards have anatomically-molded plastic to prevent upper-body injury from pucks or collisions with other players and the ice. The bicep guards even have adjustability to seal the gap between the elbow pad for maximum coverage and comfort. The Super Tacks AS1’s also feature a flexible neck that allows young players to put on their shoulder pads with ease.

  • Model Number: SPAS1
  • Heritage: Super Tacks / Ultra Tacks / Reebok 20K KFS
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite


  • Front Panel:
    • One-piece construction
    • Lightweight foam side panels
    • Flexible sternum guard with D30 Foam protection
      • D30 Foam is rate sensitive, meaning its soft and pliable in its natural state, but upon receiving impact hardens and quickly absorbs impact energy. It provides pro-level protection
    • Length adjustable belly guard
  • Rear Panel: 
    • One-piece construction
    • Lightweight foam side panels
    • Medium-density foam and plastic insert spine guard
  • Shoulder Caps:
    • Hard molded plastic and thick medium-density foam
      • High level of protection and comfort
  • Bicep Guards:
    • Adjustable bicep guards
      • Molded PE inserts and medium-density foam
      • Length adjustable to seal gap between elbow pad
  • Collarbone Protection:
    • Lightweight foam and plastic inserts
  • Liner: 
    • Moisture-wicking mesh nylon
  • Strap System:
    • 1.5″ elastic Velcro stomach straps
    • 1″ elastic Velcro bicep straps
  • Fit:
    • Traditional fit
      • Designed for maximum coverage
    • E-Fit stretch neck construction
      • Elastic neck area for easy fitting
  • Weight:
    • 433 grams (Based on a YTH LG)

Sizing Chart


Pad Size Height Chest
YTH SM 3’4″ 23″
YTH MD 3’4″ – 4’0″ 23″ – 25″
YTH LG 4’0″ – 4’4″ 25″ – 28″

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm


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Shoulder Pad Size

Large, Medium, Small