CCM JetSpeed FT350 Junior Hockey Shin Pads


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  • The CCM JetSpeed FT350 Shin Guard is an ideal choice for the recreational or new-to-hockey player. The FT350 utilizes a tough plastic shell that deflects impact energy away from the leg and into the shin guard for good protection. For comfort, CCM used thick foams in the liner that can be removed after a game or practice to speed up the drying time. The easy-to-use two-strap system is easy to use and truly locks the pad into place.

    • Model Number: SG350
    • Heritage: QLT 250 / RBZ 90
    • Level of Play Guideline: Recreational


    • Protection:
      • Anatomically-shaped PE shell and knee
        • Vented front for direct airflow through the pad
      • Medium-density PE Foam
        • Flexible, lightweight protection
        • Found in lower thigh guard, around knee, and calf guard
    • Liner:
      • Removable Brushed Nylon
        • Soft, moisture-wicking material that can be removed for quicker drying time
    • Fit/Mobility:
      • Lightweight, low-profile for the crafty player looking for minimal size and maximum mobility
      • Hinge System
        • Kneecap and shin guard connected on sides by hinged design
          • Provides good mobility and prevents gaps in protection between the knee and the shin
      • 2-Strap system
        • 1″ nylon knee strap
        • 2.5″ elastic calf strap
    • Weight:
      • 446 grams (Based on a 14″)

    Sizing Chart


    Pad Size Player Height
    11″ 4’4″ – 4’8″
    12″ 4’8″ – 5’2″
    13″ 5’2″ – 5’6″

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

11", 12", 13"


  • 35″ x 17″ x 19″
  • Heavy nylon material
  • Beefy straps
  • Pro-caliber bag
  • Made in USA


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