CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Glove


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These skates are a special order item, we are able to get stock within a couple of weeks – we place orders with our supplier every tuesday night.

  • New for 2021, CCM continues to push the pace of innovation and design with the latest addition to the Extreme Flex franchise. This all-new line brings together key revisions and new technology to take the Extreme Flex Line you know and love to the next level.Starting off with the face and graphic of the CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Glove, CCM has manufactured the face of the glove to have a large pocket area that seamlessly transitions in to the one piece cuff design. This design allows for a large visual presentation with the help of the wide double T pocket. On the graphic, CCM E5.9 features long striped designs that run vertically through to the pocket of the glove, creating a big visual appearance. The entire face will be outfitted with CCM’s Proprietary “Speedskin” synthetic stamped material that is designed to perform the best out of all materials CCM has to offer.

    Continuing on to the face of the E5.9, you will see a very similar design to the E4.9 which features a cuff design built to have easier top corner coverage due to the shape favoring the “thumb” side of the cuff. CCM received a lot of feedback about the cuff design of the 600 break which then prompted a minor change to the closure point at the of the hand which that now ensures a full closure and easier break in. On the palm, the E5.9 Intermediate comes with a game-ready feel, protected by HD foams through the glove for solid impact protection for any type of glove save.

    Furthermore, on the internal build, CCM has decided to go with Nash finger stalls for a more comfortable feel and quicker release when wearing this glove. The overall feel will be more secure and give the goaltender the confidence they need when wearing a CCM glove to perform at the highest level. Up to the wrist, a quick-release webbing strap allows the goaltender to get quick and easy adjustments to get the secure fit they design.

    Finally, on the backhand, you will see one of the bigger changes on this model with the new Flexmotion Design that is a Segmented Molded HD foam protection for optimal flexibility when reaching for pucks along with an articulated cuff for added mobility.

    If you are an advanced-level goaltender looking for a glove designed for maximum coverage, mobility, and great protection, the CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Glove is the choice for you.

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CCM has provided a specific sizing chart they recommend to best size up a goalie in their current glove line. Please use the provided sizing chart above to specifically fit for CCM Goalie Gloves.   


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm


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Extreme Flex

Catcher Hand

Regular, Full Right

Goalie Glove or Blocker Colour