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New Zealand
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Invoice Number INV-1008
Order Number 7536
Invoice Date February 3, 2022
Total Due $569.92
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Angelique Mawson
Awesome Sports Ltd
3 Coach Road
Dunedin 9018
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1CCM Tacks 9040 Senior Ice Hockey Pants$142.24$163.58
1Howies Helmet Repair Kit$10.43$11.99
1CCM HT50 Hockey Helmet Combo - Black, Large$113.04$130.00
1CCM Jetspeed FT1 Youth Hockey Gloves - Black/White, 9 Inch$73.91$85.00
1CCM JetSpeed FT350 Youth Hockey Elbow Pads (Hard Cap)$43.48$50.00
2Elite Pro Shin Guard Straps - Senior$13.85$31.86
3Howies Canadian Flag Stick Tape$6.09$21.01
10Howies Black Stick Tape$3.90$44.85
5Howies White Non-Waxed Laces - 108"$5.50$31.63
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Total:$569.92 (includes $74.35 GST)