Underpass-X Training Cones (SET OF 6)


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Underpass-X Training Cones are designed to help develop the hand skills of hockey players,  young and old. Use a spare or old stick and press it down on to a set of  cones to make a bridge under which you can pass a puck or a ball in  order to develop your hand-eye-stick-puck coordination.  Designed to  break down easily so you can store a set in your bag to be used before  games or while waiting for your ride.

Want to get creative?  Use some 3/4 PVC tubes and connectors (not included) and build your own masterpiece.  Develop hand skills and mechanical  aptitude at the same time.  Tear it apart and build it again. Fits other tubular objects like broom handles, lacrosse sticks, mini sticks and rakes and it doesn’t end there.  Coaches and association brass can use  our cones along with old or broken sticks to build permanent  on-ice training tools.


Features and tips:

-Insert a puck in the bottom of the cone to provide extra weight and stability

-Fits Sr, Jr, and youth hockey sticks.

-Includes  spikes that can be installed to prevent slip on ice, synthetic ice,  carpeting and flooring tiles.  Just don’t use it on mom’s wood floor!!!

-Stacks for easy storage

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm